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Web Design

We offer two distinct web design platforms:

  1. cmsXtra based sites - with our own exclusive content management system.

    We specialise in Fully Customised Mobile Responsive Websites powered by our own 'cmsXtra' CMS (Content Management System) allowing you* or ourselves to update and expand the site as required. If you want to sell online, please see go to E-commerce.

    We have invested a huge amount of time and money into developing our cmsXtra solution. The basic philosophy was to build a system that provides all of the real-world functionality required by the vast majority of clients, but with a back-end management system that is genuinely far easier to use than is the norm. Being built in-house we have control over how it works and evolves. 
  2. WordPress sites - utilising the worlds most popular open-source platform.

    These can prove to be a cheaper option, both in terms of the minimum cost to build a small website and also where very specific functionality is required and there is a WordPress plug-in available that provides that requirement without the need to write a module from scratch.

    Some clients may have previous experience using WordPress, and may prefer this option for that reason alone.

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Understanding the basics

A website is a business tool, nothing more and nothing less. Every client is different. We ensure we understand the job before suggesting a tool to do that job. Others often start by throwing the latest 'in vogue' phrases at you - as if the solution is defined before the task.

It may well be that in order to achieve your goals you will not only need a professional website, but you will rely to a large degree on Search Engines, particularly Google, to generate visits. We offer comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click, such as Google AdWords) services.  Click HERE for more.

If your requirements are not a perfect match for our services, software and skills we will be the first to tell you. 

Experience matters

Not only are we one of the UK's longest established Web Design Agencies, but our partners had previous senior roles within industry and Television. We understand business needs, media and communication.

We have worked with hundreds of clients from all sorts of trades, skills and professions. We approach you with a desire to find out about your business and requirements rather than simply from a sales orientated approach. 

Which should I choose - cmsXtra or WordPress?

We will recommend the best solution based on our understanding of your needs and preferences.

All projects start with an initial telephone or email conversation, and this will give us some important initial information. If it is clear that a simple WordPress site is the most appropriate, for example because of a tight budget, then we will know at this stage.

In many cases we will need to find out more information, and this is usually done at a free, no-obligation, on-site consultation. See below for more details:

Will pinkdylan come out to visit me?

For most projects we visit the client, without obligation, to establish their needs at the quotation stage

After an order is placed there may well be additional visits for an initial project meeting, collection of and review of content material and again for delivery. This will vary depending on budget and other client-specific factors.

However, if you are on a very tight budget with simple requirements (as many small and micro businesses are), or are a long way away from us then visits may not be necessary nor cost effective.

We typically work to the following guidelines:

  • If your budget is in the £400+vat to £600+vat range, then we can complete the entire project from quotation to delivery without a site visit. There are exceptions and if you are reasonably close we may visit just to get you know you - but these sort of projects can be successfully delivered nationwide without the need for a visit. 
  • If your budget is between £600+vat and £1000+vat then we will visit you free of charge and without obligation if you are within 25 miles of WR8 post code. We will discuss your requirements and provide a written quotation. Should you decide to go ahead then we will also visit you for a project meeting prior to commencing work. It is however entirely possible to deliver projects of this size without a site visit, and we can therefore successfully work for clients nationwide
  • Where your budget for design and build is over £1000+vat, which applies to most projects, we will visit you free of charge and without obligation if you are within 50 miles of WR8 post code. We will discuss your requirements and provide a written quotation. Should you decide to go ahead then we will also visit you for a project meeting prior to commencing work, and make further visits as necessary, including 'delivery'. If you are further than 50 miles away then we may still be able to visit, depending on budget. 
  • Where your budget is above £6000+vat, we will potentially visit you free of charge nationwide, as long as initial discussions indicate to us that this is an appropriate type of project for us.

What about cost?

Cost varies depending on the number and complexity of pages required, and also on which platform (cartXtra or WordPress) is to be used.

For small and micro business wanting just a few pages and using WordPress,  prices start at £395+vat.

It is fair to say that the majority of websites we build are between the £995+vat and £3500+vat mark. Sites requiring hundreds of pages can reach five figures.

Is the initial cost a one-off or an annual commitment?

The price we quote to build your website is a one-off cost that covers the initial design, build and page population of your site, subject to specific details detailed in our quotation. 

If you require updates or additions/deletions to your website after it has gone live, then you can either do this yourself using any CMS (content management system) that has been supplied*, or you can pay us to undertake the work.

You will need to pay us for hosting, support and any on-going provision of software (such as our cmsXtra content management software). You will have to pay this for the life of the site and is typically a modest monthly fee (or annual if you prefer).

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* In order to maximise security we only allow access to the site admin system of our cmsXtra based websites from known IP addresses. If you want to update your own site frequently it is highly desirable that you have a Static IP Address. You may already have this, but if not your broadband provider should be able to provide you with one often at no cost of for a fairly trivial additional fee. Most broadband connections designed for business rather than home use will come with a static IP as default, but check with your provider.


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