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Quality images are essential for a good looking website. A quality design can be ruined by poor pictures.

Video is also becoming more widely used and over the coming years this can only go in one direction - up.

pinkdylan offer a range of photography and video services - from a single shot of 'the team', through product images up to a full video presentation.

          Photo Video

  • Top range Canon digital SLR cameras backed up with lenses ranging from strong wide angle through to extreme telephoto.  HD video equipment
  • Mini studio specifically designed for images of small/medium size products
  • Photo editing and post production facilities. Flash movies.

Photography & Video


What sort of image do you want to create?

Even if you are selling a service rather than a product, and there are 'no obvious pictures to use',  your site certainly needs some imagery over and above the site design itself. If your images are under exposed and grainey, or look 20 years old, then you will be doing your business an injustice (excepting deliberately historical pictures obviously).

Where clients are struggling to find suitable images we have two options - take some new photographs, or source from an image library. Each has its place, and we can help with both.

We possess a serious range of digital camera equipment and lenses, including video capability. We also have a purpose built mini studio with back and under lighting for small to medium sized products and white and black backgrounds for larger products. Other equipment includes a large 'green screen' and lighting for video productions (allowing a presenter to appear in front of any background image of video of choice).

Post production and video editing software allows us to supply not only material suitable for the web (low resolution) but quality material suitable for print or HD video.

This may not be our 'core' business but the partners in pinkdylan have past experience in wedding photography and many years in television working on programmes including Top Gear and Countryfile, so it is hardly an afterthought!

Often there is no need to go to the expense of a professional photographer, so talk to us to discuss your requirements.

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