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News & Trivia

Lynn Cullimore, a partner of pinkdylan, was once left hiding behind a chair in a room at the Tory party conference in Blackpool...

...whilst John Major was having a meeting feet away - totally unaware of her presence, as was security!

We're often asked where the name 'pinkdylan' came from.

There are several 'versions', but in all cases the 'dylan' comes from Bob Dylan - in our opinion the most creative songwriter of all time.

The 'pink' - well, its nothing to do with Pink Floyd. You'll just have to find out when we meet. Call us today and ask!

In April 2008, Graham (pinkdylan partner) and Matt (northern office) took the pinkdylan Citroen 2cv on the 8 Ball rally.

Covering 2000 miles in 8 days on roads that often shouldn't exist or just simply disappeared into the middle of a bog.

They scored highest points every day, winning the event without dropping a single point - and got the pinkdylan logos in some pretty strange places in the process!

Who is Trevor Harrison?

If you call when we are all busy, or out of hours you may reach the "Voice of Trevor Harrison". Trevor will give you options including out of hours contact.

Trevor Harrison plays Eddie Grundy in The Archers, The BBC radio serial that is the worlds longest running soap in any format.

Shake off the Blues!

When we first used the name pinkdylan in 1995, it was very rare to have a colour as part of your brand name.

It must have been a good idea - now four of our nearby competitors have Blue in their name - original? If you say so!

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