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pinkdylan is a 'one stop shop' for Internet solutions.

We design and build websites - and offer all supporting and ancillary services - providing you with a single point of contact for all your Internet and website associated needs.

This page provides a brief introduction to services offered in addition to our core services of web design, e-commerce, hosting, search engines and photography. 

          More Services

  • Training (in respect of any of our services)
  • Copywriting - compelling and accurate copy
  • Social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • eBay 'shops' and help with other third party sites
  • Email marketing and conversion tracking
  • Mobile optimised sites and bespoke web applications
  • Domain names (Nominet members) and Broadband.

More Services

Our content management and e-commerce systems come with telephone talk-through and online video tutorials free of charge. We can offer optional on-site training in respect of any of the services we offer.

Copywriting - compelling and accurate copy.
We can't invent the content for a clients site - otherwise we would know their business as well as they do. We do offer a full copywriting service involving spending time with the client going through the content of every page and then returning to our office and creating compelling and accurate copy for their site.

Social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
Like it or not, social media sites can be a valuable resource, helping get your name out there and generating traffic to your site. We can set up accounts on these sites, link to them from your site (including automated 'like' and 'tweet' postings).

eBay 'shops' and help with other third party sites
Clients sometimes sell on eBay and Amazon as well as operating their own e-commerce site. We can offer help and advice in this respect including setting up and customising eBay shops.

Email marketing and conversion tracking
Email marketing is cheap and can be effective. We can also offer tracking and conversion tools, including delivering different content to a user depending on whether it is their first visit to your site or not.

Mobile optimised sites and bespoke web applications
Certain types of business can benefit from a mobile version of their site. We can also develop any web application required.

Domain names (Nominet members) and Broadband
We are members of Nominet, can register any domain name and offer quality ADSL services supported by us.

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