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Web Hosting | WHM cPanel and WordPress Hosting | pinkdylan of Worcester, Clients Nationwide.

All websites require hosting, and the server will usually also be relied upon for email (unless you have an Exchange server or some other alternative arrangement). You will also need a Domain Name to use for the website and email addresses.

We host all websites that we build, and can also offer hosting facilities to clients wishing to build their own websites, or host an existing site built elsewhere.

In all cases we have access to the datacentres 24/7 in the event of a critical problem, and you have access to us 24/7 (subject to mobile phone coverage at times in both cases).

We offer four levels of hosting as follows:

1. Fully Managed Hosting for cmsXtra and cartXtra based websites built by pinkdylan.

  • Fully managed service by pinkdylan
  • WHM and cPanel platform
  • Our own Dedicated Servers over which we have full control
  • High specification servers that are never stretched anywhere near to their space or performance limits*
  • Located at major UK data centres
  • Environmentally friendly carbon neutral data centres used
  • We have 24/7 support provided at the data centre in the event of a hardware failure etc.
  • Frequent and regular backups to a dedicated backup server
  • Regular though less frequent backups to a second backup server (or to our offices)
  • Includes email facilities
  • Includes ongoing provision of our cmsXtra and (where appropriate) our cartXtra CMS and e-commerce software
  • Optional SSL (secure certificate).

    Details such as storage quota and bandwidth allowance varies, will be fully detailed within quotation.

* No server is immune from performance and availability issues in the event of a DOS attack or other significant issue, but the number of sites and the routine requirements of our websites will never be the cause of an issue.

2. Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress based websites build by pinkdylan

  • Fully managed service by pinkdylan
  • Uses a cloud based shared platform (provided by a third party)
  • Server configuration/package optimised for WordPress
  • WordPress installed
  • Regular backups
  • Includes email facilities
  • Optional SSL (secure certificate)

3. Self Managed Hosting (Linux and Windows platforms available)

  • Self managed hosting (for clients requiring hosting for their own projects)
  • Linux or Windows platform (as required by client)
  • Uses a cloud based shared platform (provided by a third party)
  • Includes email facilities
  • Control Panel (for self management, including setting up E-mail facilities, MySQL Databases)
  • Optional SSL (secure certificate).

4. Self Managed Hosting for self-built WordPress based websites.

  • Self managed WordPress hosting (subject to terms and fair use)
  • Uses a cloud based shared platform (provided by a third party)
  • Server configuration/package optimised for WordPress
  • Control Panel (for setting up E-mail facilities etc)
  • Optional SSL (secure certificate).

All hosting services subject to terms and conditions (including third party terms and conditions) which includes fair use policy. Quotas specified at quotation.  Rolling monthly or annual contracts. Liability limited to refund of fees paid for time during which services are unavailable. Managed contracts include backups, but no liability in the event of backup failures.

Domain Names

In order for us to provide hosting facilities you will need a Domain Name. We are able to register a name for you, or you can transfer control of an existing domain to us (or point the name to our servers).

We are members of Nominet, the sole naming authority (central registry) for all .uk domain names (including ""). We hold a Bulk Register (an ICANN accredited registrar) account for international domains including ".com"

It is important to understand that all domain names are issued strictly in accordance with the relevant authorities terms and rules. Nominet registration terms and conditions are here and their rules of registration are here. (these apply no matter who you use to register .uk names).

We are able to register names for you (if available) regardless of whether you actually want to use them immediately, and many clients register more than one name in order to best protect their brand names (for example regiseter and .com, and/re register buth hyphenated and non-hyphenated versions of a name that is based on two or more words).


ALL work undertaken by pinkdylan (partnership) and/or pinkdylan ltd and/or pinkdylan technical and support strictly subject to our terms and conditions.

Privacy and GDPR

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Web Design Worcester and West Midlands
E-Commerce | Hosting | Photography
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