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We believe we are the longest established web design agency in Worcester, possibly even in the whole of the UK!We also have offices in Lancaster.

pinkdylan is owned and run by husband and wife team, Graham and Lynn Cullimore - supported by a great team.

Previous careers as financial controller of an engineering company and at the BBC making television programmes  mean we understand business and communication media.

            About pinkdylan

  • Long established - first pinkdylan branded site 1995!
  • Family owned and managed
  • 'One Stop Shop' for all your Internet needs
  • Major investments in our own software solutions, with options to suit all budgets
  • Highly service orientated - more than just words.


About pinkdylan

UK's Longest Established Web Design Agency?
The first PinkDylan branded website was launched early 1995, before the days of Internet Explorer or Google, and when our clients hosted their sites under a CompuServe or AOL addresses rather than their own domain name - as indeed did we!

By mid 1997 we were VAT registered and were operating under our own domain name, are not aware of any other UK company that has, as its core business, been building websites for clients for longer than we have.

The People Behind The Business
PinkDylan is a Partnership, owned and run by Graham and Lynn Cullimore, supported by a small team of skilled professionals.

Both Graham and Lynn had successful previous careers in Business (Engineering, with Finance and Systems roles) and Television (production roles within Live News, BBC Top Gear and Countyrfile amongst others).

Websites that Work by People who Care
We have never wanted to grow too big - but at the same time insist on having all necessary skills in-house rather than sub-contract. This enables us to offer levels of support and value for money that are typically associated with a smaller business, yet at the same time punch well above our weight in terms of ability and technology.

We deliver quality sites that 'work', and are here to look after you for the long term.

Our Typical Clients
Sole traders to PLC's, all business sectors and with diverse requirements. We have no real desire to deal with the likes of Coca-Cola, or anyone who believes you need a committee to make a cup of coffee!

We prefer to have one main point of contact authorised to make decisions, and avoiding mutually exclusive instructions from different people with their own egos and different agendas! We like to know you on first name terms.


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